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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Herniated Disc

In 1982 I was skating with my kids at our son's birthday party. I fell and landed flat on my back. I went to an orthopedist and all he could say was that I probably broke my tailbone but there was nothing he could do. I spent the next 20 years in a lot of pain, all the while going to doctor's trying to find out why I could barely walk at times but never being given any answers. It seems that because my x-rays didn't show anything and the fact that I could bend over and touch the floor, by the doctors standards I was normal and everything was fine.  About 1999 I saw another doctor who was taking the same approach as all the others but when I asked to double my meds because of the pain he decided to do an MRI. The MRI showed that I had 2 herniated disc in the lumbar area and that had been my problem all along.

I had cortisone shots on two different occasions, both times I had relief for about 12 hours and 6 weeks of blurred vision. After that I decided no more cortisone shots.  I began taking Advil for the pain and by 2004 I was taking 25 Advil a day and using an ice pak continuously throughout the day. That did not make the pain go away, it just helped me function.

In 2000 I attended massage school and this is where I first learned about aromatherapy.

Then, in 2004 I was asked to attend a Ladies Bible Conference to share an aromatherapy class with the ladies. This is where I met Ann LaFavre. I could tell right away that Ann knew more about essential oils than I did and she knew I was hurting so she offered to apply some of her oils on my back. Knowing that whatever she wanted to do couldn't hurt, and who knew it might even help, I let her use her oils on my back. Well, I want you to know that within a minute my back quit hurting, I could hardly believe it, but I knew that whatever that was I wanted it and I was going to get it.

As soon as I got home from the conference I signed up with Young Living, the membership at that time was only $20 and began getting the PanAway. I used the PanAway Essential Oil everyday, several times a day, as often as I needed it. This was not a quick process, however, I was committed and consistent about applying the PanAway Essential Oil to my back. When you have been in constant pain for 20 years you notice the little things and for me to have any amount of relief was definitely noticeable.  I was somewhat reluctant to reduce the Advil but I was committed to seeing what this essential oil would do so I began to reduce the Advil and when there was pain I would use the PanAway instead, and it worked. So probably within 2 months I was off the Advil.

It has been 30 years now and I only use oils for my back as needed. I love my oils and use them for all kinds of things now, even cooking!!!

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