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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cough Syrup

This cough syrup recipe was given to me by Sue Sides (, one of the ladies in our team.  This recipe is for adults so if you are going to use this with children or babies read about the oils first use caution and common sense, just like you would with anything else.

Original recipe:

1 teaspoon Agave
1 drop Thieves Essential Oil
1 drop R.C.
1 drop Frankincense
Stir with a toothpick to mix the oils well with the Agave. You can also put this in 1-2 oz. hot water for a tea, however, you must first mix the oils in the Agave before adding the water, remember essential oils and water don't mix and you do not want to get the Thieves on your lips because the Cinnamon and Clove in it are hot oils. Take as needed.

I use Raven with my cough syrup and make 2 ounces at a time:

Using a 2 ounce jar add:

2 ounces Agave Syrup
6 drops Thieves Essential Oil
6 drops R.C.
6 drops Frankincense

6 drops Raven

Fill the jar half way with the syrup, add the oils and stir, then add the rest of the syrup, stir again. You want to make sure you get the oil and syrup mixed well. Take as needed.

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